My biggest thrill by far was being part of The historic recording of “We Are The World” written by Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and performed by an All-Star Cast. It was the highest point that I’ll remember forever in my career. I was lucky enough to be one of many engineers who helped out on that project, and because it was recorded and mixed at Lion Share Studios where I worked, I got to see it grow from the very beginning of tracking all the way through mixing. It was Incredible. The All-Star Vocal session held at A & M Studios was just a one day snapshot of a much larger marathon. Watching Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie take apart the lyrics so that they would have the most impact was totally amazing. Every single word and syllable was examined right there in the studio and I heard them voice their reasoning behind changing one word that would make all the difference in how the world would respond. Watching Quincy Jones instruct and guide everyone but at the same time, letting the professionals that he hired do their thing too. That’s why he hired them. But he was so observant, that he could come in and change a sharp here, an eighth note there, and make it all gel together. He knew exactly what needed to be done for the final polish. Over the years, I’ve seen certain patterns re-appear time and time again. One of the biggest SECRETS is that they don’t ever fall in love with one part. They will mute or erase it in a heartbeat and not feel that it has to be used just because it was recorded and you really like what you or they did. If it doesn’t Easily Fit into the song during mixing, It’s out of here. A small but crucial tactic that will make all the difference in power and clarity.

  • Grammy Award Winning Engineer
  • Mixing Specialist
  • Top “A List” Clientele including artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake, Herbie Hancock, Christina Aguilera, Angie Stone, Jeffrey Osborne, & Marcus Miller.
  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Pro Tools mixing
  • Fat Analog Sound
  • “Old School” Techniques combined with…
  • “New School” Thump
  • Production Services
  • Surround Sound Services
  • Room Tuning & Analysis
  • Pro Audio Consultation
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There’s more… “I’ve got a wealth of knowledge that I want to pass on. I ’m going to help you stop guessing about your music. Even though no one can guarantee a hit, there are certain concepts, approaches, tips, and formulas that will increase your chances.”